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  • BC Public Education

BC’s Education Plan –

Ministry of Education Profile – School District 45

School District 45 – West Vancouver –

West Vancouver Board of Education – Meetings and Minutes

West Vancouver District PAC –

BC Ministry of Education

BC Public School Employers’ Association –

BC Teachers’ Federation –

BC School Trustees Association –


  • Community:

West Vancouver website

West Vancouver Memorial Library

West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre

  • A video about the Seniors’ Activity Centre prepared with the help of Rockridge students

West Vancouver Blue Bus


  • Simon Fraser University

Graduate Liberal Studies –

Library –

Department of Humanities –

Institute for the Humanities –


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Chris Kennedy


  • Arts & Culture & Other:

Bard on the Beach –

Writersfest BC –

 Zumba Vancouver –

BobSongs Creative Media (thank you for all your help!) –

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