A Song for Education

Given today’s events in the divisive and frenetic world of the public education system in British Columbia, I was inspired to adapt one of my all-time favourite songs for the occasion.

Sung to the tune of “One Tin Soldier” (with my apologies to the original song-writer and performers), here’s my version entitled “A Negotiated Contract”.


“Listen children to a story

That was written just today

‘Bout a letter in a paper &

The leaked doc here to stay


In the letter were some answers

Rescued from beneath the spin

And the so-called leaky memo

Claimed the media for the win


Go ahead and trip your neighbour

Go ahead and beat a drum

Do it in the name of victory

You can justify it in the sum

There won’t be any bargainin’

Come tomorrow day

And the drizzly morning after

A negotiated contract slips away.”