Why I Am Running

My name is Reema Faris and I’m running as a candidate for Board of Education Trustee in West Vancouver.


I have a profound belief in the value of education and the benefits of learning as well as a passion for the public education system.

Consider, too, that the BC Ministry of Education is pushing the concept of “personalized learning in the 21st century”.  Why?  What does it mean?  Well, I want to be at the table to make sure that if there’s an overhaul of the system it’s done well and it’s done right.  That it’s implemented in a way which benefits all students.

Here are some of the other issues I’m thinking about:

      • how do we engage students so that they take ownership and responsibility for their own learning at all levels?

      • which programs and practices will best help students develop critical thinking skills, good study habits, and build character and resilience?

      • are we able to provide better leadership & communications training for administrators, teachers, and staff?

      • how do we manage technology in our curriculum and in the classroom, and how do we make sure that the Arts are not overlooked? 

      • what measures can we take to enhance community connections and make better use of combined resources?

      • which steps do we have to take to complete the French Immersion Review that’s been called for in West Vancouver and how do we ensure the implementation of the resulting recommendations?

      • how do we ensure that School District operations are as efficient & effective as possible?